December 9, 2010

Great Basin Brewing Company - House Red (Merlot)

Here is another Merlot we tried while on our travels.  This one comes from the Great Basin Brewing Company.  Not sure who makes it; sounded like "Bivio"????  Anyhow, really liked this one.  Another "Good" rating from the Two Winos!

Also, as we were at a micro-brewery, had to try one of their beers.... so we gave the Harvest Ale a try!  Liked it as well! 

Harvest Ale Info: "A brewer’s celebration of our intriguing region. This rich and malty brew is accented with the delicate flavor of buttery piñon pine nuts and aromatic juniper berry and sage. (A.B.V., 5.7%)".
Great Basin Brewing Company - House Red (Merlot)

Harvest Ale

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