July 9, 2011

Garcia Carrion Winery (Spain) - Don Luciano Merlot 2009

Bought this imported Merlot while shopping for groceries several weeks ago.  Have not tried it till today.  The back label describes the wine as:
A wine with character expressing the Mediterranean Merlot variety.  An elegant purple-blank color with violet tones.  A well defined fruity aroma to the nose, blackberry and raspberry.  Enjoyable on its own or with meats, salads, and pasta.
Both Winos agreed it is a very dry Merlot.  White Wino questions enjoying the wine on its own; would probably go better with Dinner.  Red Wine Wino cannot make up his mind about buying this one again.  The dryness really puts a damper on a future purchase.

Rating this one as a Neutral based on the indecision of a future purchase.

Garcia Carrion Winery (Spain) - Don Luciano Merlot 2009

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