November 21, 2012

Dudley's Draw House Wines (College Station, TX)

Playing darts at another watering hole at the old alma mater, decided to "taste" a few glasses of wine.  Dudley's Draw was serving Lucky 7 Cabernet Sauvignon and Lucky 7 Chardonnay.  The Cabernet gets a Neutral Rating; White Wine Wino was not convinced to buy it again.  The Chardonnay gets a Good Rating; both Winos agreed on this one!

Church Street BBQ (College Station, TX)

Was out and about at the old alma mater, stopped at Church Street BBQ in College Station.  Had been here before; liked the live music; liked the drink specials.  This stop it did not disappoint.  It was Open Mic Night so a number of local musicians were singing.  Also, it was $2 Tuesday, so everything was only $2!  This time ordered a Sangria, a Texas Tea, and Barefoot Merlot...  all easily get a Good Rating.  We will definitely be back!

November 19, 2012

Peter Vella Vineyard's - Delicious Red

Picked up a wine in a box from Peter Vella Vineyards.  This one is a red wine called Delicious Red.  Best Taste in 2011's Chefs Award, will have to agree that it does taste good.  Not too sweet, not to bitter... this one gets a Good Rating from both Winos.  Will buy this one again in the future.

November 11, 2012

Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails - Moscato Mango Strawberry

Here is one the White Wino picked up while running errands.  It comes from Arbor Mist and is one of several selections of their Frozen Wine Cocktails.  Taste alone brings this one into the "Good Rating" but throw in the discount price (less than $2) and the cool packaging that makes it compliant wherever bottles are not allowed.

Franzia White Zinfandel

Coming back for more of the "wine in the box"... liked others from Franzia.  This one we also liked!  It's their White Zinfandel.  We have had this one before but never posted it.  True to the Winos' Rating System, the White Zinfandel gets a "Good Rating" as we have (and will continue to) purchase it again.  Great price, green friendly packaging, and 10% Alcohol Content!

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