January 22, 2014

Yellowtail Merlot

Had this one before.  Having it again. Still maintains a Good Rating, hence the reason why the Winos purchased (and finished) an bottle again!  Liking the wines from "Down Under"!

Franzia Moscato

Bought this one the other day.  Took some time to finish it but it's done.  A Moscato from Franzia Winery. Most times, the two Winos agree on purchasing Franzia's wines but in this case, the Moscato gets a Neutral Rating.  The White Wine Wino liked it and was willing to buy it again in the future.  The Red Wine Wino did not agree; something about the taste just did not sit right.  True to their rating system, this one gets a Neutral Rating because the two cannot agree on purchasing it again in the future.

January 4, 2014

Menage A Trois Red

True to form the Winos standby their rating system.  Menage A Trois Red earned a Good Rating which means we would buy it again.  So, we bought it again.  Menage A Trois Red maintains its Good Rating!

Shogun Restaurant House Wine - Serving Woodbridge Merlot

Out and about the other day for dinner.  Decided on a hibachi style Japanese restaurant.  To go with the Steak and Shrimp dinner, ordered a house Merlot... looks like they are serving Woodbridge's offering in a Merlot and a Cabernet Suavignon.  Decided on the Merlot!  It gets a Good Rating from the Winos!

Midnight Moon Moonshine - Apple Pie

Midnight Moon Moonshine in its Apple Pie offering gets a Good Rating from the Winos.  We know it's not wine but who could resist this 70 proof spirit... we could not.  Going to buy this one again!

January 1, 2014

Stivali Pinot Grigio

Tried this one over the Holidays as well; comes from Italy - Stivali Pinot Grigio.  Both Winos did not like this one and agreed not to purchase again... this one gets a "Bad Rating" per our rating system. Not much to say other than it did not taste good.

Xplorador Moscato

Xplorador Moscato comes from Chile.  Gave it go over the Holidays.  Red Wine Wino was too easy on it and would purchase it again.  White Wine Wino said "no".  Something about not liking the taste compared to other Moscatos tried.  This one gets a "Neutral Rating".

La Trappe - Quadrupel Trappist Ale

Not a wine but wanted to try some ale... these are made by Monks somewhere in the world.. This one called their Quadrupel Trappist Ale.  Red Wine Wino liked it; White Wine Wino did not... others may give it a shot if they want to try something different.  Looks like the Red Wine Wino may be occupied for awhile as there were others that "needed tasting" as well!


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