February 13, 2014

Bay Bridge Merlot

Bought this one several years ago.  White Wine Wino was not sure about it and did not want to buy it on price alone.  Went for $3.50 at the local market back then. This time the Red Wine Wino bought it because it was still under $4.00!  Winos gave it a go,... Red Wine Wino is good with it but the White Wine Wino still is holding out.  So, it looks as if the Neutral Rating stands "as is".


  1. Formerly Anonymous agrees with both Winos...Bay Bridge Merlot is good. Recommending that the Winos try Lion's Ridge Merlot. Purchased for $4.99 (regular price) at a SoCal Smart & Final. 13.5% alcohol, and is just a very nice, well-rounded merlot to satisfy all wino tastes.

  2. Formerly Anonymous is having quite the week having found yet another very low-priced merlot, again at Smart & Final. This one is Forest Ville Merlot, and is regularly priced at just $3.19. An ok merlot. Certainly not bad, all things considered (like the low price and the decent flavor). 12.5% alcohol, and it seems like that might even be a stretch. Giving this a hesitant B-, while Lion's Ridge Merlot earns a solid B.


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