November 29, 2014

Our Favorite Cork Screw (Re-visited)

Several years ago we posted that our favorite cork screw is the "two-stepped lip" variation. For reference, below is the original post. As luck would have it, the cork screw was misplaced by a certain someone that we won't mention.

That said, had a hard time finding a replacement until now.  Here is another "two-stepped lip"cork screw. This one has a hinged second lip, and the serrated blade is angled, making cleaner cuts of bottle wrapping!

Digging around for a cork screw, we realized we have purchased a number of cork screws - both good and bad over the years.  Three remain in our kitchen drawer and are similar in design.  Of the three, we consider the cork screw with the "two-stepped lip" as our favorite one.

The second lip - not sure what it is really called, allows for easy resetting of the cork screw and provides more leverage when pulling corks!

Since "a picture is worth a thousand words", see the picture below!

Our Favorite Cork Screw We Keep In The Kitchen!

1 comment:

  1. No need the two-armed kind. A 4-blade cork cover remover and a two-armed cork screw. Anything less is too slow and requires too much muscle!


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