November 21, 2017

Sheelin White Chocolate Irish Cream and di Amore Amaretto #cocktails

Picked up the fixings to mix a cocktail the Winos have not tried. It calls for Sheelin White Chocolate Irish Cream and di Amore Amaretto. White Wine Wino liked the cool glasses that came with the Irish Cream as well as the recipe for a ...oops. Threw the box out. Going to have to make a run back to the store and get a picture of the box with the recipe. LOL!

Tilt Mini Variable Aerator #wine

Not sure about this one yet - Host Tilt Mini Variable Aerator. Going to try more glasses of wine to "test" it out. White Wine Wino bought one on a whim. So far, have found it easy to use. And, seems to be an improvement in the taste... but to be certain Red Wine Wino must test it thoroughly with more wine.

Bolla Chianti #chianti #redwine

Having done a stint overseas in Italy while in the service, the Red Wine Wino has an affinity for Chianti. That said, while out and about, spied a big bottle of Bolla Chianti at Total Wine and More. It short order, the bottle was in the bag! Winos agreed on buying this one again the future, earning a Good Rating! Now just have to sit back and enjoy a glass or two over the Thanksgiving Holidays!

Landon Winery Raspberry Wine #fruitwine

This one continues to earn its Good Rating - Landon Winery Raspberry Wine. White Wine Wino likes it served chilled; Red Wine Wino likes it at room temperature. Regardless, Winos will bu it again in the future.

Liberty Creek Chardonnay

White Wine Wino likes this one! Red Wine Wino is still thinking about it. True to our rating system, Liberty Creek Chardonnay gets a Neutral Rating since the Winos cannot agree to purchase again.

Horton Winery's Blueberry Wine #wine

New one to try... it's Horton Winery's Blueberry Wine. So far, the Winos are liking this one. Sweet but not too sweet. Works for chillin' in the backyard on a sunny fall afternoon! Work also while editing video in the late evening!

November 12, 2017

Bar Louie's for Martinis! #martinis

Stopped at Bar Louie's for Martinis. Rat Pack and Dirty Martini were tasty and strong! Had appetizers and then ordered the Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream to top it off! Tasty, tasty, tasty!

Gloria's Margarita and Strawberry Mojito

Dinner the other night at Gloria's. Been some time since we had dinner there. Went with the House Margarita and Strawberry Mojito. Margarita was good, looks like they may have changed back to the mix we like versus the one that had an aftertaste that detracted from it. Strawberry Mojito was sweet and tasty! White Wine Wino will likely order it again!

Guinness, Shinerbock, and Barefoot Sweet Red

The other day had a round o Guinness while meeting an old friend in Addison. Later, while chillin anf grillin, had a Shinerbock Beer. Then, capped things off with a Barefoot Winery Sweet Red.  All was good in the Universe!

Village Burger Margaritas! #margaritas

Always a good deal... Margaritas at Village Burger. Had the Chamborita and the Mangorita. Tasty and strong! Only have two else beware the "buzz" later!

Grimaldi's Pizza House Italian Red and Moscato

Had pizza at Grimaldi's. Tasty pizza and very filling. Ordered the House Italian Red and Moscato. No names on the wines but liked them; will make an effort to get them next time!

The Cellar Craft and Kitchen... #wines

Villa Pozzi Moscato at the The Cellar Craft and Kitchen while waiting for our table. Ordered the Moscato and a House Red.  All was good! House Red was Canyon Road Merlot.

October 16, 2017

Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina Margaritas!

Off to Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina for a flight of Margaritas for Happy Hour last week. Both Winos agree to comeback as these are tasty and strong... just the way they like their margaritas!

Beringer Moscato and Red Moscato

Picked up two bottles of Beringer's wines in the Moscato and Red Moscato offerings. We liked them in the past but what has us thrown is the "Main and Vine" on the label. Past purchases we did not see this on the label. That said, both get a Good Rating from the Winos!

Joe's Crab Shack - Category 5 Hurricane

Stopped at Joe's for a bite one evening; opted for a cocktail. Saw the limit two per customer for the Category 5 Hurricane. Tasty drink with a some extra "oomph" to keep things interesting. Red Wine Wino is keeping this one handy next time the Winos are at Joe's!

Yellowtail Big Bold Red

Mixed taste buds on this one... Yellowtail Big Bold Red. White Wine Wino was not impressed. Red Wine Wino liked it. Course the price is right and the alcohol content is good (13.5%) for the Red Wine Wino... but he is a pushover. True to the rating system, this one gets a Neutral Rating since the Winos cannot agree to buy it again.

Strongbow Hard Apple Cider

Not wine but gotta mention Strongbow Hard Apple Cider. It's tasty and works well while watching the grass grow! This one gets a Good Rating by the Winos!

Llano Sweet Red

Had this one before and both Winos agree to continuing buying it again in the future. Maintains a Good Rating... Llano Sweet Red!

October 2, 2017

Liberty Creek Merlot

Have had Liberty Creek Merlot more than  once over the years. Winos have held true to their rating system - Good means we will purchase the wine again in the future. For Liberty Creek, a quick check of past posts showed we did purchase again and again and... past posts.

September 16, 2017

Oktoberfest Addison #oktoberfestaddison

Fun time at the Oktoberfest in Addison. They been hosting the event for 30 years! This year did not disappoint with lots of beer and food to be had. It is still going on this weekend. Do check it out and have a beer or two or three...

Mallee Point Pink Moscato #moscato

Tried a new one the other day. Comes from Southeastern Australia. It's Mallee Point's Pink Moscato. Has a slight fizz to it and sweetness. Served cold with some cheese and crackers while watching the grass grow in the backyard and all was good for the Winos.

White Wine Wino gave it a Good Rating. Red Wine Wino was hesitant due to the low alcohol content (7.5%) but ended up agreeing to buy it again in the future... therefore, the Winos gave it a Good Rating (aka "will buy it again rating").

Bar Louie's in Allen for Martinis! #martinis #barlouies

Had the urge for some Martinis the other day. Went for the usual suspects at Bar Louie's... the Dirty Martini served with Olives stuffed with Bleu Cheese and the Rat Pack.

September 9, 2017

Sobieski Vodka #vodka #martinis

Heard about Sobieski Vodka from a radio commercial by Mario Lopez. Gave it a try; makes great Martinis! Came in a box set with two shot glasses and recipes for two cocktails... may need to mix up a glass or two. For now, will go with a Tabasco Martini!

September 4, 2017

CK Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon

Had CK Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon before and liked it. Had it again... Winos still liked it! This one maintains a Good Rating, as we plan to buy it again in the future. Great for chillin in the backyard watching the grass grow... 13% Alcohol Content keeps the Red Wine Wino well "chilled", too!

August 26, 2017

Top Golf's Wine in a Bucket: Stella Rosa Black and Seven Daughters Moscato #wine #topgolf

Stopped by Top Golf last night to hit a few golf balls. No wait, got there later in the evening... very nice! Decided to try their Wine in a Bucket offering choosing a Sweet Red and a Moscato from Stella Rosa Black and Seven Daughters, respectively.

All was good with enough sweetness to keep the White Wine Wino happy. Red Wine Wino was good with them save for the needed "fortification" on the alcohol content . 5.5% for the Sweet Red and 7.5% for the Moscato.

No worries thought, ordered the drink with the flashing souvenir glass shaped like a golf bag!

August 15, 2017

Christian Brothers Brandy and Manzanita Sol... #brandy

Chillin in the backyard, decided to mix up some apple soda with brandy. Went with Christian Brothers Brandy and Manzanita Sol in a 1 to 1 mix, add a little ice cube to chill... all was good for the Red Wine Wino!

Winstar Casino and Happy Hour. #winstarcasino

Was playing the slots at Winstar Casino. Mojo was off, so took a break and opted for their Happy Hour offerings - Shiner Bock on tap and Finlandia vodka shots! Felt much better having not done so well at the slots!

August 10, 2017

Village Burger and Margaritas! #villageburger #margaritas

Village Burger and Margaritas is always a good choice, especially on a warm Summer evening listening to live music in the background... plus they pack a punch, too!

Vendange Chardonnay #wineinabox

Had Vendange Chardonnay before. Cannot recall how long ago but no worries. It went well while chillin' in the backyard watching the grass grow!

Frappe Vino... #winemix #moscato #vodka

Tried something new... Frappe Vino wine mix. Added Barefoot Red Moscato and fortified it with Absolut Vodka. Tasty wine with a kick to make things all good! May need to try Spiced Rum to see how it mixes with the Frappe Vino!

July 29, 2017

Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina #margaritas

Lucked into some tasty and strong Margaritas at Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina located just off the 121 Tollway heading to Allen, TX.

We came in for lunch, then saw the "Flight of Margaritas" on the drink menu. Choose 6 of 7 flavors to make a Flight! Also, tried the Margarita with Sangria Swirl.

Reasonable prices with strong Margaritas which is the way we like them. Will be back!

July 27, 2017

Arrogant Bastard Ale

Not a wine but with a heat advisory in our area, we decided to try this strong ale... Arrogant Bastard Ale. Had it before. Red Wine Wino is always good with strong drinks and beers that have high alcohol content. This one does not disappoint!

Dominant Seven Cabernet Sauvignon

Not had this one before but the Winos liked it. Costs a little more than Barefoot and Yellow Tail wines but still a good one that the Winos agreed to purchase again. Dominant Seven Cabernet Sauvignon gets a Good Rating from the Winos!

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