October 7, 2018

More Grillin and Chillin... Fajitas Anyone?

Cooked up a batch of fajitas last night; while playing the chef, had a glass of Franzia Chillable Red. Always a tasty wine... don't worry that it is sold in a box. It is still good!

October 6, 2018

#grillin and #chillin to wine, beer, and food!

Been out and about as well as chillin while grillin various meat and "pepper" products. That said, Oktoberfest in McKinney was last week. Enjoyed more food and beers! The Winos along with Charlie the Maltese Puppy were having a great time... but since Charlie is well under the 21 years old age limited, he could only lick the condensation on our beer cups... LOL. Too bad for Charlie!

September 22, 2018

Beringer Main and Vine Red Wine

Tried this one - Beringer Main and Vine Red Wine while blogging one evening and with some tasty sundaes from the ice cream shop! Later, made a cheese board and queso, too. Had more wine with it. All was good!

Katy Trails Plano for Margaritas and Sangria!

Katy Trails Plano for Margaritas and Sangria with Charlie the Maltese Puppy. Strong drinks, good thing we had a designated driver!

September 15, 2018

Italia Roscato - Rose Dolce or Sweet Rose #wine

A new wine - Italia Roscato! Label has Rose Dolce or Sweet Rose written on it. Winos agreed to buy this one again. Like the label indicated... it taste like a Rose but much sweeter than the norm! It's great for chillin in the backyard and for puppy sitting a certain someone's Maltese puppy.

September 10, 2018

3 Girls Red Wine Blend #redwine

New wine for the Winos...3 Girls Red Wine Blend! Comes in at 13.5% alcohol content, too! Both Winos agreed to buy this one again. Has a slight sweetness but not too much to negate the Red Wine Wino's preference for "non-sweet" wines! Add a Cheese Board and a cute Maltese Puppy and everything is just right in the world!

Coors Light and a Rum and Coke Plus a Mark Chestnut Concert at Gilley's #choctaw

Coors Light and a Rum and Coke while hanging out at Gilley's, Choctaw Casino. Added bonus... live music from Mark Chestnut! Great time to be had!

September 1, 2018

Not Just Wine... Sodas Too!

Not Just Wine... Sodas Too! While out and about had a thirst for some soda; tried a Bawls Guarana Soda in Ginger and Cherry.  Tasty sodas but gotta say, the Fanta Soda made with real sugar from the Michocana Market was just as good if not better!

Rosemount Estate Diamond Label #wine

Rosemount Estate Diamond Label went well for some chillin and grillin times! Hope to be back at it again sooner than later!

Landon Winery for some Glasses of Wine! #wine

Landon Winery for glasses of wine... the Texan, Merlot, and Raspberry! Add a cheese plate and all was good!

Christian Brothers Brandy

Christian Brothers Brandy is always a sure thing...

CK Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon,

CK Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon for some much needed chill time!

August 5, 2018

5k in the Morning, then some Vintage Crush Wine! #cabernetsauvignon #redwine

Ran a 5k in the morning; then did some "honey do's". Ending the day chillin in grillin while having a glass of Vintage Crush Cabernet Sauvignon. Coming in at 13.5% alcohol content, Red Wine Wino says yes to buying it again. White Wine Wino agrees but does not the "dryness" of the red wine. No worries... Vintage Crush gets a Good Rating!

Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina for National Tequila Day! #ghostequila #nationaltequiladay

Stopped for dinner at Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina; by chance, it was also National Tequila Day!

In celebration ordered their Flight of Margaritas, and then tried the Spicy Watermelon Shots made with Ghost Tequila! Spicy but smooth shot; not the burning taste that we typically get when downing shots of tequila... who said that?

Anyhow, both Winos continue to give the Flight of Margaritas from Papa Lopez a Good Rating. For the Ghost Tequila, the Winos give a Good Rating, too. Will definitely buy it again in the future!

PS: Shots were free; the owner of Ghost Tequila was in the restaurant and bought us a round! Woohoo!

Lakeland Brewery in Garland, Texas #microbrewery #kolsch

Tried Lakeland Brewery's beer offerings while hanging out in Garland. Then, over the course of several grillin and chillin sessions cooking food on a grill with a new buddy - Charlie the Maltese puppy, enjoyed a few brewskis in a can... Kolsch beer!

Texas South Wind Vineyard and Winery #texaswines #redwines

Here is a Texas wine in a Cherry Fruit offering by Texas South Wind Vineyard and Winery of Refugio, TX. Tasty wine that is sweet and strong, too. Both Winos agree to purchase it again in the future, easily earning a Good Rating!

PS: Made for some great chillin and grillin time in the backyard as we slow cooked a pork shoulder slathered with mustard and seasonings!

July 15, 2018

Chillin with 4U Vodka from Dallas and Tim Smith's Climax Moonshine #4uvodka #martinis #moonshine

Chillin in the backyard with 4U Vodka made in Dallas, TX. Six times distilled and served chilly - specifically, in our martinis that is! Red and White Winos liked this one; even had the cat chillin with us!

Later, added a little Tim Smith's Climax Moonshine to the party! The Becker Vineyard Wine Tasting Glass is getting a great workout by the Winos!

Red 55 Winery - Belle Sweet Red #wine

White Wine Wino picked this one up for the Red Wine Wino. It's a bottle of Red 55 Winery's sweet red they call Belle. "Tasted" this one over several days using the Becker Vineyard's wine tasting glass and Grape Creek Vineyards metal wine glass we picked up last month while in the Texas Hill Country.

Winos give this one a Good Rating; will need to pick up more bottles when in the area again!

Road Trip was Awesome... Beer, Wine, and Song! #wine #beer #luchenbach #texashillcountry

Was on the road checking out the Texas Coast. Made some side trips to the Texas Hill Country. After many years in Texas, the Winos finally made it to Fredricksburg and Luchenbach where they were joined by the Sweet Wine Wino and friends. Some pictures to show some of the beers and wines tasted as well!

June 29, 2018

Gruene River Grill... the Number One Mexican Martini! #martini @winoswinegude

Learned about this cocktail several years ago while in the area for a wedding. Made it back to the Gruene Rive Grill for the NUMBER ONE MEXICAN MARTINI per the Winos!

When in the area, a must stop to all fellow winos! Don't miss out on this concoction, heavy on the tastiness, lots of alcohol, and do tread lightly as the Serrano Pepper an be spicy for some.

And, had the Red Wine Wino learned the hard way.... limit yourself to two or else! And, do have a designated driver as you will be over the legal limit!

Redds Wicked Apple and Chillin and Grillin! @winoswineguide

More chillin in the Hill Country... this time grillin fish we caught on the trip to Port Aransas. Red Wine Wino and Sober Cider were rockin as the cooks for dinner last night!

Chillin in the Hill Country... Mike's Hard Lemonade! @winoswineguide

Red Wine Wino and Sober Cider were just chillin in the Texas Hill Country, watching the grass get eaten by deer. Best way to do this... a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade!

PS: We had a few Lone Star Beers while at Gruene Hall, too!

Los Pinos Ranch Sweet Red @winoswineguide

Tried Los Pinos Ranch Sweet Red courtesy of another guest of the Red and White Winos - our red header bartender friend aka the "Red-tendres"! All Winos agreed Los Pinos Ranch Sweet Red make for a Good Rating!

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