May 20, 2018

Cinco De Mayo 2018... So begins the "Winos' Best Tasting Margaritas" Quest! #margaritas #cincodemayo #besttastingmargarita

In celebration of Cinco De Mayo, the Winos opted for working up to May 5 with "Margarita Tastings" in various locations in the DFW Metroplex as well as more "Margarita Tastings" on May 5, and then of course carryover "Margarita Tastings" after May 5.

Intentions were to disregard the local ratings on the Best Tasting Margarita in the area, and using our limited funds, go on a quest for our own best tasting margarita selection. In other words, could we each have a Margarita for less than $20 including tip.

Since everyone has a preference for how a margarita is made and one person may like a margarita and another person thinks differently, the Winos came up with the following criteria for their quest:

  • Two Margaritas for less than $20 including tip (restated from above)
  • Local to the DFW Metroplex
  • Taste... this is a hard one, so we went with both Winos have to agree on taste, else it falls of the list. Note
  • Strength... after the second Margarita, do we need an Uber to drive us home?

Also, other limits applied to normalize the tastings:

  • There should not be an aftertaste... this is a deal breaker that has shot down Margaritas in the past that were otherwise good.
  • Two Margaritas per Wino must be consumed in an hour or less; one Margarita was considered 16oz or less.
  • No "large fishbowl" Margaritas if they exceeded 32oz, else one 32oz Margarita was considered two Margaritas.

Below is a sampling of the Winos' Margarita Tastings. It includes other drinks as well but those were consumed after the tasting was completed for a given location. Do check back periodically as we continue on our quest!

The end result of the tastings to date is... Anamia's Tex Mex Restaurant in Plano or Coppell is the "Winos' Best Tasting" Margarita! (As of May 20, 2018)

PS: Primo's Tex Mex Grille in Garland near Bass Pro Shops is our second choice!

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