August 5, 2018

Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina for National Tequila Day! #ghostequila #nationaltequiladay

Stopped for dinner at Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina; by chance, it was also National Tequila Day!

In celebration ordered their Flight of Margaritas, and then tried the Spicy Watermelon Shots made with Ghost Tequila! Spicy but smooth shot; not the burning taste that we typically get when downing shots of tequila... who said that?

Anyhow, both Winos continue to give the Flight of Margaritas from Papa Lopez a Good Rating. For the Ghost Tequila, the Winos give a Good Rating, too. Will definitely buy it again in the future!

PS: Shots were free; the owner of Ghost Tequila was in the restaurant and bought us a round! Woohoo!

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