June 1, 2019

May 17, 2019

Grape Creek Vineyard - Cabernet Blanc #wine

Another round of a favorite of the Winos - Grape Creek Vineyard - Cabernet Blanc.  It's sweet but not too sweet, and it's made with strawberries and other berries as well!

May 12, 2019

Texas South Wind - Blackberry Fruit Wine #wine #sweetred

Texas South Wind Vineyard and Winery offers the Blackberry Fruit Wine. The Winos picked up several sweet reds from the Arts in Bloom Festival in McKinney last month. The Red Wine Wino is having to break the tie between two particular sweet reds that the White Wine Wino and Sweet Wine Wino have been "debating over".

For now, the Winos agree to purchase this one again, earning Texas South Wind' Blackberry Fruit Wine a Good Rating!

Grapecreek Vineyard - Rendezvous 2017 #wine

Another one from the Winos' Grapecreek Vineyard Wine Club offering... it's a red wine called Rendezvous. This one is getting a Neutral Rating as the two Winos cannot agree on purchasing again. But, it's likely because the White Wine Wino prefers sweet reds and their sweeter taste as the name refers... this one is dry and not sweet as expected. So, we will stay neutral on this one!

Cycles Gladiator 2017 - Petite Shiraz! #wine

Here is a new one we have not tried before - Cycles Gladiator 2017 - Petite Shiraz! It's a tasty red wine that the Winos enjoyed one evening. Red Wine Wino easily gives it a Good Rating given the 14% Alcohol Content! White Wine Wino concurred with the Good Rating!

May 6, 2019

Margaritas for Cinco De Mayo

Margaritas for Cinco De Mayo... Tasty ones at Wild Salsa... Add the Flight of Tequila, too!

April 29, 2019

Arts in Bloom Festival 2019 #mckinneytexas #texaswine

Made it back this year to the Arts in Bloom Festival hosted by the city of McKinney.  Like it last year where the Winos went on a quest for a tasty sweet red wine. This year, decided to do the same... below is video of the fun the Winos had on their quest for a sweet red wine!

April 28, 2019

Tried a Nitrogen Margarita! #margaritas

We love our wine, but we sure do like Margaritas, too!. Was out Sunday and stopped at Trinity Groves in Dallas; never been before... glad we did!  Got to try Beto and Son's Nitrogren Margaritas! Tasty!

Ordered the Lime, Mango, and Strawberry. All were good with a consistent and smooth frosty ice. While there, learned about every Wednesday Salsa lessons and dancing can be had... and with the upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebration, the fun ramps up this Thursday into Sunday!

Check out Beto and Son's at Trinity Groves when you get the chance!

April 20, 2019

Khortytsa Vodka and Sweet and Sour Mix #cocktails

Picked up a bottle of Khortytsa Vodka - Number 3 selling vodka in the world! Was on sale, so decided to get it. Mixed it with Sweet and Sour while chillin' in the backyard doing nothing! Not sure what to call the cocktail other than Sweet and Sour? Regardless, it was tasty!

Sweet and Sour, simple name and easy mix... 3 parts vodka, 1 part sweet and sour... or for the lighter weight 2 parts vodka and 1 part sweet and sour... and for the lightest weight go 1 for 1 of each!

#grillin and #chillin with Firelight Vineyards Igniter #wine

Having a glass of Firelight Vineyards Igniter that we picked up last weekend at the Arts in Bloom Festival. Intent was to see what the Winos - Red Wine Wino, White Wine Wino, and guest "taster" the Sweet Wine Wino, would select this year as their favorite Sweet Red. The Igniter was one of several that the Winos liked that they bought a bottle! Still "tasting" the other Sweet Reds purchased... more to come!  For now, Firelight Vineyards Igniter gets a Good Rating - "will buy it again"!

Arts In Bloom Festival Wine Tasting

Lotta fun last weekend in Downtown McKinney at the Arts in Bloom Festival. Went to it last year. Liked it... came back this year. Have a video to edit; will post soon as it's done. For now, here are pictures from last weekend.  Do stay tuned!  Our goal was to see which Sweet Red we liked the most. Last year it was Kissing Tree Winery's "First Kiss"

April 14, 2019

Wine, Wine, and More Wine... #grapecreek #Libertycreek #wineclub

Stopped by the convenience store on the commute home the other day; noticed Liberty Creek offers a Sweet Red. Bought it and headed to the casa... guess what? Package arrived from Grapecreek Vineyard; our Wine Club wines arrived!

Was a dilemma, which one to open first! No worries... the Winos are taking it slow. So for now... it was the Liberty Creek Sweet Red which both Winos gave it a Good Rating - means we will buy it again per our rating system.

Later, had a Grapecreek Vineyard Cuvee Blanc that came from an earlier wine club package. Watched some Game of Thrones with it. This one gets a Neutral Rating - means the Winos could not agree to but it again.

Then, the Red Wine Wino went fishing at some point, caught fish, and then chilled with a glass of Grapecreek Vineyard Serendipity. This one gets a Good Rating!

More to come, do stay tuned... we still have Grapecreek Vineyard Viogner and Rendevous to "taste".  Plus ordered more of their Cabernet Blanc (aka Sauvignon)... our favorite so far from Grapecreek Vineyard!

Package Arrived!
Chillin with Wine and GOT
Went Fishin' than Chillin with Red Wine

March 31, 2019

#unlawfulassembly #craftbeer at #legacyhall #plano

Having a few craft brewskis at Legacy Hall in Plano! After dinner and dessert, time to sit back and watch a few games from the NCAA Basketball Tournament!

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