April 3, 2020

Oklahoma Wines for the Winos! #wine #winoswineguide

Been chillin and grillin with te fambam.  While doing so, enjoying tasty wines from Strebel Creek Vineyards and Vojai's Winery of Oklahoma City and Broken BOw, OK, respectively.  All were tasty, so far the plan is to restock anytime we are in the area!

March 15, 2020

Dave and Busters for Fun and Games and... Mixed Drinks, Too!

While in the Virginia is for Lovers State a couple of weeks ago. Hung out for some fun and games at Dave and Busters. Learned the paper tickets are not used anymore, it's all points and a card. That said, did have some tasty mixed drinks... Long Island Iced Tea, Margaritas, and... guilty as charged SHOTS! Yes, the WINOS can chill to the extreme end of chilly-ness! LOL!

Callen Cellars Chardonnay and MyAssIs Dragon Sweet Wine

Tasty Chardonnay for the Red Wine Wino; given the 12.5% alcohol content Red Wine Wino easil gave it a Good Rating. White Wine Wino prefers Waters Edge Winery's Myassis Dragon... looks like the Winos cannot agree on Callen Cellars.

However, they still agree on Myassis Dragon! It keeps its Good Rating... Winos will purchase again in the future!

How the Winos Travel... #americanairlines Premium Economy?

While traveling what do the Winos do... upgrade to Premium Economy and then have an "inflight Happy Hour(s)"! Not first class, not business class, but still a fun call class!

Margaritas and TexMex at Lupe Tortillas #texmex #margaritas

Hankering for margaritas and TexMex... satisfied the craving at Lupe Tortillas. Went with the Queso and Chips, Fajita Nachos with Pablanos, and the Mixed Grill... and Margaritas! Lots of food for two, and yes, the Winos are over 21, so lots of Margaritas, too!

February 24, 2020

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