May 22, 2017

Ron Flor de Cana Rum!

Been meaning to "taste" this one... Ron Flor de Cana Rum! Bought several years ago while in Mexico. Broke it open last week; very smooth and tasty!

Comedy Night... Wine and Beer!

Comedy Night on Friday. Checked out comedian Jon Reep! Funny, funny, funny... before the show, had a beer - Irish Wexford Ale next door from the Hyena's Comedy Club. During the show a glass or two of Beringer Merlot! All was good!

May 18, 2017

Shiner Strawberry Blonde and Liberty Creek Merlot

Chillin' the other day with a new beer - Shiner in their Strawberry Blonde! Also, went back to Liberty Creek Merlot as we do prefer wine over beer... more alcohol content in wine!

May 10, 2017

Not Just Wine!

Had a fun time the other day. Had various beers and even whiskey. Not sure what the drinks were just know that the alcohol content was higher than 5%! Fun times!

Canvas Merlot

Not had this one before - Canvas Merlot. Tried it at a hotel while on the road. This one gets a Good Rating from the Winos!

April 28, 2017

Cupcake Vineyards - Moscato

Had this one before. We liked it, so had it again.  White Wine Wino likes sweet wines; Red Wine Wino likes not so sweet ones. Regardless, both agreed to buy this one again.

Cambridge and Sunset - Zinfandel

Not tried this one before - Cambridge and Sunset's Zinfandel. Both Winos enjoyed a glass of two of this Zinfandel. Will keep it in mind for future purchases! Worked out well while grilling kabobs in the backyard.

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