June 17, 2018

Fun on the Town... Strawberry Swirl, Beer, and Sake, Anyone! #hyenaclub

Had a fun time out on the town the other night. Checked out Jon Reep and his funny jokes at the Hyena Club in Dallas. New stuff was gut busting funny, old stuff still has the Winos laughing. Enjoyed the show while partaking in "non-wine" drinks.

This time, tried the Strawberry Swirl Margarita and an IPA. Earlier had sake and Japanese beer at the Blue Fish, and the afterwards Shepherd's Pie and more beer at Trinity Hall Irish Pub!

Frozen Drinks... #therusticdallas #landonwinery, villageburgerbar

This past week decided on frozen drinks since the temps have been climbing well past the 90 degree mark.

  • At The Rustic in Dallas, went with Frose and the Remy Rita.
  • At Landon Winery in McKinney, opted for Sangria Ritas and Peach Ritas.
  • At Village Burger Bar in Allen, decided on Chamboritas made with Chambord.
Great way to beat the heat this Summer... especially when the temps are already in the 90s and Summer is still a few days away!

May 21, 2018

Franzia Chillable Red #wine #redwine

True to the Winos' rating system... a Good Rating means we would purchase the wine again in the future. In this case, Franzia Chillable Red earned a Good Rating several times over the years. This time, it earns it again... plus was on sale $12.99 for the 5 liter box! Woohoo!

May 20, 2018

The Winos' Best Tasting Margaritas - Top 5 List #margaritas #winoswineguide #texmex

Here is the latest update on "The Winos' Best Tasting Margaritas". There were a number of candidates that were considered; the top 5 as of May 20, 2018 are...
  1. Anamia's Tex Mex Restaurant (Plano and Coppell). At 12oz servings, these will sneak up on you. Either frozen or on the rocks, the taste had the right amount of lime tanginess to sugary (we hope agave sugary) sweetness. Plus it has little to no alcohol taste... but two drinks later, better call an Uber or have a designated driver at the helm!
  2. Primo's Tex Mex Grille (Garland). In the 16oz size, these are almost a doppelganger to Anamia's margaritas... save for the extra 4oz else they would have tied for first!
  3. Mena's Cantina - Tex Mex Grill (Coppell). 16oz with great taste that the Winos like in a margarita. Just not as "fortified" as Anamia's or Primo's offerings. So, it made third on the list!
  4. Village Burger Bar (Allen, Plano, Dallas). These 12oz margaritas come in various flavors like Mangorita and Chamborita. That said, the traditional margarita is a tasty offering that we like for two reasons.., for a small package, it carries a punch... limit two, else it's Uber time. And, Happy Hour price of $4.00 is light on the wallet! Very nice!
  5. Gloria's Latin Cuisine Restaurant (Fairview, Garland, Dallas). Frozen or on the rocks, Gloria's has a tasty margarita that is strong in alcohol content. That said, it used to be our number one but has since dropped... main reason is something changed about three or four years ago. Possibly the mix that was used. Luckily, it's one reason why we started this quest! That said, we list Gloria's at Number 5 because their Mangorita is still a tasty offering.

Do check back for more updates as this effort is an ever evolving list per the criteria we outlined below...

Intentions were to disregard the local ratings on the Best Tasting Margarita in the area, and using our limited funds, go on a quest for our own best tasting margarita selection. In other words, could we each have a Margarita for less than $20 including tip.

Since everyone has a preference for how a margarita is made and one person may like a margarita and another person thinks differently, the Winos came up with the following criteria for their quest:
  • Two Margaritas for less than $20 including tip (restated from above)
  • Local to the DFW Metroplex
  • Taste... this is a hard one, so we went with both Winos have to agree on taste, else it falls of the list. Note
  • Strength... after the second Margarita, do we need an Uber to drive us home?

Also, other limits applied to normalize the tastings:
  • There should not be an aftertaste... this is a deal breaker that has shot down Margaritas in the past that were otherwise good.
  • Two Margaritas per Wino must be consumed in an hour or less; one Margarita was considered 16oz or less.
  • No "large fishbowl" Margaritas if they exceeded 32oz, else one 32oz Margarita was considered two Margaritas.

Pictures are worth a thousand words...
Anamia's Margaritas... plus food!

Primo's Tex Mex Grille while on an errand!

Mena's Cantina plus lots of food!

Village Burger Bar plus a burger and shake!

Gloria's Latin Cuisine plus Chips and Salsa!

Who Would Have Thought... Frose at the Ballgame! #frose #wine #margaritas

Who would have thought a tasty Frose to be had while watch Major League Baseball! Lucked into this while the Texas Rangers played the Boston Red Sox. Although the Rangers lost, we considered it a win knowing these tasty Frose awaits us next time! Also, their swirl Margaritas are perfect for quenching the Red Wine Wino's thirst... great time, even closed out the day with a bonfire!

Primo's Tex Mex Grille #texmex #margaritas

Was on an errand to the Bass Pro Shops in Garland. Noticed a Tex Mex Restaurant that caught our eye - Primo's Tex Mex Grille. Sat outside overlooking the lake and had a Margarita or two. This one is the our second choice for the "Winos' Best Tasting Margaritas"!

At the Rustic... Garnacha Lo-Ve #wine #winoswineguide

At the Rustic (Dallas, TX), the other night having a Garnacha Lo-Ve while listening to live music! Fun times with tasty wine to be had! This one gets a Good Rating from the two Winos!

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