April 14, 2019

Wine, Wine, and More Wine... #grapecreek #Libertycreek #wineclub

Stopped by the convenience store on the commute home the other day; noticed Liberty Creek offers a Sweet Red. Bought it and headed to the casa... guess what? Package arrived from Grapecreek Vineyard; our Wine Club wines arrived!

Was a dilemma, which one to open first! No worries... the Winos are taking it slow. So for now... it was the Liberty Creek Sweet Red which both Winos gave it a Good Rating - means we will buy it again per our rating system.

Later, had a Grapecreek Vineyard Cuvee Blanc that came from an earlier wine club package. Watched some Game of Thrones with it. This one gets a Neutral Rating - means the Winos could not agree to but it again.

Then, the Red Wine Wino went fishing at some point, caught fish, and then chilled with a glass of Grapecreek Vineyard Serendipity. This one gets a Good Rating!

More to come, do stay tuned... we still have Grapecreek Vineyard Viogner and Rendevous to "taste".  Plus ordered more of their Cabernet Blanc (aka Sauvignon)... our favorite so far from Grapecreek Vineyard!

Package Arrived!
Chillin with Wine and GOT
Went Fishin' than Chillin with Red Wine

March 31, 2019

#unlawfulassembly #craftbeer at #legacyhall #plano

Having a few craft brewskis at Legacy Hall in Plano! After dinner and dessert, time to sit back and watch a few games from the NCAA Basketball Tournament!

March 11, 2019

Llano Sweet Red...

Prime Rib for dinner. Charlie the Maltese Puppy wants some, too. Gotta be good... for now, the Winos enjoy Llano Sweet Red!

February 26, 2019

Katy Trails Plano...

Sangrias, Margaritas, and puppies and food, too! Had an awesome time chillin with Charlie the Maltese Puppy. Ordered Chips and Queso and a plate of Barbecue to go with the drinks! At some point, Charlie became a Bulldog?

Martinis, Margaritas, Wines

Martinis, Margaritas, Wines and more this round for the Winos. For the wines, tried a House Merlot from a local eatery along with a frozen margarita. Then, chilled with some martinis made with Polar Bear Vodka! Finally, a little sip or two of Sweet Red from Llano Winery and  Castello Del Poggio Moscato.  All was well in the world!

Grapecreek Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon #favoritewine

Grapecreek Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon was a surprise for the Winos... sweet, made with strawberries, longberries, and wildberries... not your normal Cabernet but oh so tasty. This one easily gets a good rating! Plus it bumps others from the list and is considered the Winos' Number One Cabernet Sauvignon! Do give it a try while in Fredricksburg, Texas!

PS: Had a great time grocery shopping at Central Market. Tasty produce to chose from!

Yellowtail Shiraz Cabernet...!

Yellowtail Shiraz Cabernet is a win for the Winos, especially while chillin and grillin chicken and vegetables on the "barbie"!

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