January 2, 2020

Cocktails at the Movies! #winoswineguide

Was at the movies the other day to see Star Wars. Knew that beer, wine, and frozen drinks could be purchased along with tasty foods (like the Chicago Dog and Fries). But, this round learned Cinemark also offers mixed cocktails - an "Old Fashioned" being one of them!  Liking it plus it does have strength... hint, hint!

Live Music, Wine, Spirits and Beer

Fun time listening to live music at Pete's Dueling Pianos in Addison! Have wine, cocktails, and beer... plus this big mixed drink for five! Rung in the New Year by singing it loud at a Piano Bar. Here's to 2020 and more live music, wine, spirits, and beer!

Christmas Fun... #wine #maltese

Some late post pictures from the Christmas fun... having some fancy cheese and ham with Yellowtail Shiraz and Aconga Red Wine. Charlie the Maltese puppy keeps guard over the Wine Gift Basket... has two bottles of wine and tasty muchies to have with them! Will post more as we "taste" a glass or two of wine!

December 10, 2019

Three Olives Vodka

Tried a tasty vodka mixed with Red Bull. Tried it with the Cherry Vodka. Not tried with the Loopy Vodka but certain will do in the near future!

Messina Hof Ebony Ports of Call

Had this one before. Earned a Good Rating. True to the rating from system, we bought more! Messina Hof Ebony Ports of Call is a winner for the Winos!

November 29, 2019

Water's Edge Winery, OKC

Water's Edge Winery in Oklahoma City for more MyAssIsDragon wine and El Capitano Port. Also, had a glass of the Classico Chianti and Cabernet Sauvignon!  Always a great place to "taste" a wine or two!

November 13, 2019

Put A Cork In It... Delightfully Delicious

Short video on a Sweet White Wine we liked from Put A Cork In It Winery in Oklahoma City. It's called Delightfully Delicious and it is a tasty one!

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