June 22, 2020

Put a Cork In It - Skinny Dip Sweet White Wine

Liking Put a Cork In It and their Skinny Dip Sweet White Wine. Has kiwi and pear flavors for the fruity wine lovers. Do try this offering from the small winery located in Oklahoma City! Both Winos agree to purchase again!

Landon Winery - Raspberry and Yellow Rose #wines #sweetwines

Here are two fruity wines that carry a kick... Landon Winery's Raspberry and Yellow Rose.  The raspberry is sweet but does carry a punch; Yellow Rose has peach and apples that give it a sweet and fruity taste while hiding the 11.5% alcohol content. Do give it a try in McKinney, TX and add a meat and cheese plate while there!

June 13, 2020

Winos Wine Guide's Favorite Margarita Recipe - Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off #margaritas #wine #winoswineguide

Been keeping this in our back pocket for those occasions when a margarita or two are needed. Time to share in these "self-quarantine" times.

This is our favorite Margarita Recipe.  It is tasty, it is strong, and it is meant to be served on the rocks.  Allow time for the ice to melt just a little bit, else you may be dancing like the song... "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off".

For ease of reference, we names it... guess what... the "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" Margarita.  LOL... ENJOY!

Winos' Wine Guide - Catching Up Post #wines #spirits #cocktails

Been working, fishing, and more important - chillin' and grillin'. Finished the patio extension as well. That said, been behind on our posts... so, here is a pictorial of "tastings" since we last posted. Includes food, cocktails, and wines from Strebel Creek Vineyard, Waters Edge Winery, Messina Hof, Vojais, Sonoma Coast, Yellow Tail, Girls Gone Wine, and Fish Tales.

May 16, 2020

Scandalous Black Cherry Pinot Noir #winoswineguide

Alrighty, White Wine Wino has spoken... Waters Edge Winery in Oklahoma City is the Number One Pinot Noir as rated by the Winos Wine Guide. Red Wine Wino concurs... black cherry sweetness makes for a tasty glass of wine!

May 12, 2020

Royal Caribbean Cocktails!

If you cannot go cruising, can still enjoy some tasty cocktails using recipes from Royal Caribbean! Even better... drinking from a glass from our last cruise!

Cucumber Sake Anyone? #winoswineguide TYKU Sake

How about a sweet sake with a hint of cucumber while chillin in the backyard!

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