February 3, 2019

Cinerator 91.1 Proof Hot Cinammon Whiskey!

Red Wine Wino found this at the neighborhood liquor store - Cinerator 91.1 Proof Hot Cinnamon Whiskey! Cost less than Fireball and comes in at a whopping 91.1 Proof compared to Firball's 66 Proof! Even better, has a more "cinammony" taste to hit... This one gets a Good Rating!

Grapecreek Vineyard Wine Club - Riesling

Did some grillin an chillin the other day; opened up another bottle from our Grapecreek Vineyard Wine Club offering. This one is a tasty Riesling. Both Winos give this one a Good Rating. Will purchase again!

Finlandia Vodka, Dirty Martinis, Fly Tying, and a Maltese Puppy...!

Finlandia Vodka, Dirty Martinis, Fly Tying, and a Maltese Puppy.... It doesn't get any better! Was a cold and rainy evening the other day. Decided to chill and have Dirty Martini while tying a few flies in preparation for a fishing trip. Afterwards, always a good time... good feeling, when you hug a cute Maltese Puppy!

January 20, 2019

Dirty Martinis and Stuffed Jalapenos...

Winos opted for more dirty martinis with stuffed jalapenos this past Friday. Tried different recipes and settled on...

  • 2oz vodka
  • 2 tspn olive brine
  • 1 tsp brine from the stuffed bleu cheese bottle
  • 1 tsp vermouth... optional (White Wine Wino prefers; Red Wine Wino does not)

January 12, 2019

Grapecreek Vineyard's Merlot... Fishing Fly Giveaway!

While preparing for our Fishing Fly Giveaway... had a glass of Grapecreek Vineyard's Merlot served in the Team's coffee mug! Red Wine Wino has gotta work the merch angle with his fishing YouTube Channel but the White Wine Wino keeps things focused on this blog. Both Winos give Grapecreek Vineyard's Merlot a Good Rating... will purchase again in the future!

#Finlandia Dirty Martinis, #Cazul Tequila Shots, and Jalapeno Chips and Dip

Finlandia Dirty Martinis, Cazul Tequila Shots, and Jalapeno Chips and Dip the other night. Tried a Olive Brine instead of the brine in the olive jar.  Tasty and liked it because no Vermouth required! Ramped up the party with some Cazul Tequila Shots served ice cold and in salt shot glasses!

January 6, 2019

Lakewood Brewing Company - Temptress and Some...!

Tempted by the Temptress plus some fun and games with co-workers at Lakewood Brewing in Garland, TX. Great way to close out a project or two!

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