April 13, 2021

YouTube #shorts | Deeproot Cellars | Red Wine

Tasty and fortified red wine from Deeproot Cellars! Comes in at a hefty 14% alcohol content! Goes well with appetizers and a movie while chillin on the patio.

April 11, 2021

YouTube #shorts | Lost Oak Winery Red Moscato

 YouTube Shorts video enjoying some chill time at Lost Oak Winery and a bottle of Red Moscato....Nice!

March 21, 2021

March 10, 2021

YouTube #Shorts Sunny Sunday | Wine, Music, and TRWD Flyfest | Lost Oak Winery

Stopped at Lost Oak Winery to pick up our Wine Club wines. While there enjoyed more wine, music, and learned the Winery will be at TRWD Flyfest this Saturday March 13!

#lostoakwinery #trwdflyest #wine

February 26, 2021

California Roots Red Blend Wine

 Here is a YouTube Shorts video of a red wine sold by Target at $5! It's California Root Red Blend!

#wine #redwine

February 21, 2021

YouTube #Shorts Wine Tasting | Wine Fusion| Peachy Keen

Here is a sweet wine with peach and peach flavorings that comes in at 12% alcohol content. Tasty wine that the Winos' agreed to buy again. Comes from Wine Fusion Winery in California.

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