October 16, 2017

Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina Margaritas!

Off to Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina for a flight of Margaritas for Happy Hour last week. Both Winos agree to comeback as these are tasty and strong... just the way they like their margaritas!

Beringer Moscato and Red Moscato

Picked up two bottles of Beringer's wines in the Moscato and Red Moscato offerings. We liked them in the past but what has us thrown is the "Main and Vine" on the label. Past purchases we did not see this on the label. That said, both get a Good Rating from the Winos!

Joe's Crab Shack - Category 5 Hurricane

Stopped at Joe's for a bite one evening; opted for a cocktail. Saw the limit two per customer for the Category 5 Hurricane. Tasty drink with a some extra "oomph" to keep things interesting. Red Wine Wino is keeping this one handy next time the Winos are at Joe's!

Yellowtail Big Bold Red

Mixed taste buds on this one... Yellowtail Big Bold Red. White Wine Wino was not impressed. Red Wine Wino liked it. Course the price is right and the alcohol content is good (13.5%) for the Red Wine Wino... but he is a pushover. True to the rating system, this one gets a Neutral Rating since the Winos cannot agree to buy it again.

Strongbow Hard Apple Cider

Not wine but gotta mention Strongbow Hard Apple Cider. It's tasty and works well while watching the grass grow! This one gets a Good Rating by the Winos!

Llano Sweet Red

Had this one before and both Winos agree to continuing buying it again in the future. Maintains a Good Rating... Llano Sweet Red!

October 2, 2017

Liberty Creek Merlot

Have had Liberty Creek Merlot more than  once over the years. Winos have held true to their rating system - Good means we will purchase the wine again in the future. For Liberty Creek, a quick check of past posts showed we did purchase again and again and... past posts.

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