December 23, 2017

Messina Hof's Ebony Ports of Call Port Wine #portwine

Messina Hof's Ebony Ports of Call port wine continues to earn it's Good Rating from the Winos. Strong but sweet, always a good for a winter's evening chllin' in the backyard... plus the 16% Alcohol Content does not hurt!

California Dream Cabernet Sauvignon #redwine

New one that the Red Wine Wino already liked just by the 13.5% Alcohol Content. Luckily, the White Wine Wino keeps everything in perspective. It's tasty enough to get the Good Rating for California Dream Cabernet Sauvignon!

90 Moscato D'Asti #moscato

New one that we have not tried before - 90 Moscato d'Asti. Comes from Moscato d'Asti winery in Italy. Tasty and sweet, just like the White Wine Wino likes. 6.5% Alcohol Content has the Red Wine Wino wavering but it is tasty, so ... giving this one a Good Rating and will buy again.

Redds Wicked Apple Ale

Redds Wicked Apple Ale in the 8% alcohol content is always good for the Winos. Big can this round; ended up splitting it between the Red and White Winos!

Vodka and Rum... #totalwine

Stopped at Total Wine to pick up some vodka and rum. Went with Sobieski Vodka and Cruzan 151 Rum. Dirty Martinis for now, fortified egg nog for later! Box for the vodka had some tasty cocktail recipes, too.

Barefoot Red Moscato #wine

Barefoot Red Moscato for a tasty before dinner drink. All is well! Now what's for dinner...?

December 7, 2017

CK Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon #redwine

CK Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon gets a Good Rating from the Winos again this round. It's Winter and it is cold out there. But, nothing beats a glass of red on a Winter's night!

Buttery Nipple... #sheelinwhitechocolate

Buttery Nipple cocktails are perfect for any occasion this Winter! The Winos like to make them using Sheelin's White Chocolate Irish Cream and 99 Proof Butterscotch Schnapps... Happy Holidays!

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