May 23, 2011

Twin Springs Sweet Red

Sweet Red from Twin Springs Winery located in Tow, Texas!  A good starter wine for new enthusiasts.  Sweet... yes.  Low alcohol content... ~10%.  Almost like drinking grape juice.  But, both Winos agreed to buy this one again.

Twin Springs Sweet Red

May 19, 2011

Bay Bridge Merlot

Here is one that the White Wine Wino picked up at the grocery store.  Was on sale for $3.50!  Opened the bottle and had a glass... Red Wine Wino decided to pass on this one for future purchases.  Rating this one as "Neutral" because the White Wine Wino does not want to buy another bottle on price alone. 

Bay Bridge Merlot

May 15, 2011

"Menage A Trois" again!

While out on errands, noticed a bottle of Menage A Trois on sale.  Picked up a bottle to restock the wine rack.  Both Winos continue to agree that it is a "Good" wine as evidenced by another purchase!  Try this one when you get a chance.

"Menage A Trois"

May 1, 2011

Barefoot Merlot and Barefoot Moscato Again!

Restocked the wine rack with Barefoot Winery's Merlot and Moscato!  Still liking the Winery's many wines.  Both Wino's continue to rate the Merlot and Moscato as "Good"!  So it was no surprise that we picked up two bottles at the local store!

Barefoot Merlot and Moscato

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