October 10, 2011

Not Wine... Dog BIte High Gravity Lager and Tropic Chillerz!

Red Wine Wino broke away from the norm and picked up a 24oz can of Dog Bite High Gravity Lager and a bottle of Tropic Chillerz in strawberry.  The Lager has 10% alcohol and the Tropic Chillerz has 17% alcohol... ouch!

White Wino did not rate them (in Vegas this week for "business" (wink, wink)....

Wine Wino rated the Lager as "Bad" - no plans to buy this one again.  Something about the hint of sweetness in a beer that does not work for the Red Wine Wino.

For the Tropic Chillerz, 17% by volume almost always rates a "Good" rating in the Red Wine Wino's rule book.   Label says:
"Other than standard orange wine with strawberry and banana puree, pineapple and lime juices, coconut cream, and other natural flavors added."


  1. Awesome! Thank you for this rating! We make Tropic Chillerz in Texas & we use top quality ingredients like real juice and in that strawberry chiller-we grind up real strawberries, and yes, we want them to pack a punch....more buzz for your buck. Remember to shake them up to mix that pulp up with the booze! :-)

  2. Thanks for posting! The two Winos do like drinks that "pack a punch"!


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