November 19, 2012

Peter Vella Vineyard's - Delicious Red

Picked up a wine in a box from Peter Vella Vineyards.  This one is a red wine called Delicious Red.  Best Taste in 2011's Chefs Award, will have to agree that it does taste good.  Not too sweet, not to bitter... this one gets a Good Rating from both Winos.  Will buy this one again in the future.


  1. Have not seen any offered in a bottle.

  2. Bill in the PoconosApril 7, 2016 at 1:51 PM

    Haven't had it in a while, but used to drink it quite a lot. Was very nice, not too sweet nor too bitter. Nice wine high and about 14 bucks or so for 5 liters, which is equal to 14 glasses at 12 ounces per glass.


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