September 16, 2016

Liberty Creek Sweet Red

Last time we purchased Liberty Creek's Sweet Red was in 2012. Should have looked at our blog post back then. We really liked it then; we really liked it again when we had it the other day. Moreover, the price remains under $6.00 for the big bottle!

Here is what we wrote in 2012 for reference; still applies today!

Here is one that took us by surprise.  White Wine Wino was on an errand and came home with a bottle of Sweet Red from Liberty Creek Winery.  Have had other wines from Liberty Creek and liked them.

In this case, liked it as well to the point that the White Wine Wino went back for more bottles to keep in the wine rack. 

Both agreed to buy again, earning a Good Rating from the Winos.

Moreover, the White Wine Wino rates this one Number One of Sweet Reds purchased to date!  Red Wine Wino concurs!

Don't pass this one up if you like Sweet Reds.

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  1. Liberty Creek Sweet Red - 8% alcohol, and one of the best sweet reds available today! At about $6 for a 1.5 litre bottle it cannot be beat!


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