November 27, 2018

Brandy, Martini, and Port... Oh My... Berry Nice!

How about some Amber Select Brandy, a Martini, and Messina Hof Port Wine? Red Wine Wino says, "Sure Thing!"

  • Amber Select Brandy was tasty and carries the 80 proof alcohol content. But, had Minute Maid Berry Fruit Punch and WOW! Very Tasty!
  • Martini was mixed at a restaurant; was tasty but no strength... need the one's from Bar Louie!
  • Messina Hof Port Wine remains a sure thing... sweet and strong alcohol content.
A little something, something for the palette... lesson learned Brandy mixed with Minute Maid Berry Punch makes an awesome cocktail. Easy mix too... two fingers of brandy in a "Rock Tumbler" glass and fill the rest with Punch! Calling this one the "Berry Nice"!

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